"For the Future of the Bendle Community"








How was it determined to ask for a millage increase?


Why not renovate the T.N. Lamb Building?

After the Community Facilities Committee discussed renovating T.N. Lamb with architects and engineers, it was decided that renovation would be too costly and not a wise use of funds in comparison to building a new High School.


Why do we need to upgrade the buildings?


What will happen to the T.N. Lamb Building?

The Community Facilities Committee recommended that the Board of Education dismantle the Building and sell the property for new homes.  Maintaining the T.N. Lamb building would be an added cost to the district.  Also, renaming the current high school building to T.N. Lamb has been discussed.  Some artifacts from the building can be removed and incorporated into the current high school.


How are the buildings currently being used?

Bendle High School – Grades 9-12

Bendle Middle School – Grades 6-8

West Bendle Elementary – Grade 3-5

South Bendle Elementary – Grades K-2, 4 year old program, Early Childhood Special Education and      

    Primary Project

Friel – SKIP Program  (ages 0-5), Offices for the Director of Instruction and Director of Special Services

Friel Modular – Head Start Program

Griffith Court – Community Education Programs

Griffith Court Modular – Bendle Family Health Services

East Bendle – Building and property for sale


With the poor economy, isn’t now a bad time for a millage?

If you believe we are going to continue in an economic downward spiral and never recover, then now is a bad time.  On the other hand, if you envision an upswing as normally occurs, then there is no better time.  Interest rates will only go up and competitive labor bidding is at a buyer’s market.  This is a good time to take advantage of the economy and build a school at a more affordable price.


What is a mill?


How can I determine how much it will cost me?



Taxable Values (SEV)






Annual Tax Increase






Monthly Tax Increase

$  11.84

$  15.56

$  17.75

$  23.67

$  29.59

Daily Tax Increase

$      .39

$      .52

$      .59

$      .78

$      .98

      *Average taxable value in Bendle


To calculate your estimated tax, click here.






I’m a Senior Citizen on a fixed income; are there any tax breaks?


Is anyone else eligible for the Homestead Property Tax Credit?


I am a renter, can I still vote?


When is the last day to register?


Where can I register?

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if you are registered

  • If you are not registered to vote, you may do so by visiting any Secretary of State’s office, or by visiting the City of Burton Clerk’s office.  You may also pick up a Voter’s Registration Form in any Bendle school office.  Click on the "MICHIGAN VOTES" link on the left to check if you are a registered voter or to get more information on how to register.


How much will be spent on salaries and supplies?


Who do I contact if I have questions or want more information?

Bendle Board of Education

Loretta Bendall, President                   742-7565           Maureen Holmes, Vice President  610-0054

Dave Wallace, Secretary                   744-2383           Janis Bugbee, Treasurer              743-0984

Dale Dunsmore, Trustee                     743-4135           Jeff Freeman, Trustee                  744-4416

Jesse Smith, Trustee                         742-8195           John Angle, Superintendent         591-2501


How will the ballot read?




            Shall Bendle Public Schools, Genesee County,  Michigan, borrow the sum of not to exceed Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($15,500,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds therefor for purposes of:







            The maximum number of years the bonds may be outstanding, exclusive of refunding, is 30 years;  the estimated millage that will be levied to pay the proposed bonds in the first year that the levy is authorized is 7.10 mills (which is equal to $7.10 per $1,000 of taxable value of real and tangible personal property in the School District; and the estimated simple average annual millage that will be required to retire the bonds is 7.09 mills (which is equal to $7.09 per $1,000 of taxable value of real and tangible personal property in the School District).


(Pursuant to State law, expenditure of bond proceeds must be audited and the proceeds cannot be used for repair and maintenance costs, teacher, administrator or employee salaries or other operating expenses.)






Present a $15.5 million bond issue to the community for the purposes of:


Constructing New High School


Converting current Bendle High School to Middle School

·             Electrical upgrades

·             Replace entrance doors

·             Renovate restrooms to be ADA compliant

·             Replace remaining tile floor containing asbestos

·             Chair lift for stage

·             Fire alarm upgrade


T.N. Lamb Building

·             Demolish the T.N. Lamb Building

·             Sell property for development of new homes


West Bendle Elementary

·             Install barrier free toilets to meet ADA compliance

·             Insulate outside wall

·             Install Doors and frames

·             Upgrade electrical panels

·             Renovate unit ventilators

·             Install new windows in 8 classrooms

·             Replace roof over east wing

·             Upgrade classroom lighting


South Bendle Elementary

·             Renovate bathrooms to meet ADA compliance

·             Replace classroom sinks

·             Repair/replace roof on the gym

·             Remove asbestos from ceiling

·             Install new ceiling where asbestos removed