Bendle Middle School

Staff E-Mail and Web Pages

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Staff Member E-Mail Position
Erin Bendall Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Julie Chick 7th Grade Science/Math Teacher
Steve Craighead 8th Grade Science Teacher
Gina DeSimone 8th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Melissa Dunn 6th Grade Math Teacher
Pete Gleason Principal
Charles Handley Social Worker
Cathy Kramer 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Rebecca Ely Language Arts/Special Education Teacher
Erin Pintek 7th Grade Math Teacher
Joshua Jostock Special Education Teacher
Tonia Pierce Secretary
Kevin Meinka Band Teacher
Kevin Payne Title I Teacher
Shannon Rush 6th Grade Science Teacher
Julie Santamour Counselor/Teacher
Aimee Schultz Special Education Teacher
Guy Smith Physical Education/Health Teacher
Daniel Stinson 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
Rosemarie Wagar 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Rose Wilkins Social Studies Teacher

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