Bendle Middle School

Staff E-Mail and Web Pages

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Staff Member E-Mail Position
Jason Beverly 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Julie Chick 7th Grade Science/Math Teacher
Steve Craighead 8th Grade Science Teacher
Rebecca Ely Special Education Teacher
Pete Gleason Principal
Ann Hamlin L. Arts/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Charles Handley Social Worker
Joshua Jostock Math Teacher
Nathan Kohn Physical Education/Health/Math Teacher
Cathy Kramer 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Kevin Meinka Band Teacher
Tonia Pierce Secretary
Erin Pintek 8th Grade Math Teacher
Erin Robinson 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Shannon Rush 6th Grade Science Teacher
Lisa Scalfani Speech Therapist
Daniel Stinson 7th Grade Math/Health Teacher
Rose Wilkins 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

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