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Bendle High School 810-591-5103 Fax 810-591-2510
Andrea Adams Social Worker [email protected]
Todd Barden
Science Teacher [email protected]
Madeline Belland Chemistry Teacher [email protected]
Jason Beverly Asst. Principal/Athletic Dir. [email protected]
Marsha Bowser Spanish/History Teacher
[email protected]
Kristina Breidenstein
[email protected]
Brandon Chapman
[email protected]
Brooklyn Dobis
Family Cons. Sci. Teacher [email protected]
Tammy Gwinn EDP/Career Coordinator [email protected]
Lonnie Lane
Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Daniel Macko Math Teacher [email protected]
Daniel McIntosh II Math Teacher [email protected]
Niles McNiel
Business/Civics Teacher
[email protected]
Kevin Meinka Band Teacher [email protected]
Erich Mullin Biology/PE Teacher [email protected]
Tammy Parker English/Health Teacher [email protected]
Nancy Parks Secretary to the Principal [email protected]
Amber Parsons Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Robert Powell  Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Suzanne Root Comm./Drama Teacher [email protected]
Matt Sayers Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Aimee Schultz Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Seavey English Teacher [email protected]
Dale Soper English Teacher [email protected]
Jodi Trevino Math Teacher [email protected]
Sandy West Secretary-Athletics/Attend [email protected]
Travis Whalen Health/PE Teacher [email protected]
Bendle Middle School 810-591-3385 Fax 810-591-2540
Andrea Adams Social Worker [email protected]
Chris Allred Dean of Students [email protected]
Emily Callis 8th Language Arts Teacher [email protected]
Julie Chick 6th Math Teacher [email protected]
Christy Diamond 7th Language Arts Teacher [email protected]
Edward Dolehanty 6th English/Lang.Arts Teacher [email protected]
James Hall 7th Grade Science Teacher [email protected]
Ann Hamlin 6th Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Nathan Kohn  PE/Health Teacher [email protected]
Gavino Kress 8th Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Andrew Kunze 7th Math Teacher [email protected]
Jacki Malin Secretary [email protected]
Kevin Meinka Band Teacher [email protected]
Courtney Morey 7th Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Alyssa Scharrer ELA Teacher [email protected]
Tomi Schmid Special Ed Teacher [email protected]
Liane Steller Principal [email protected]
Raysha Taylor Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Steven Vowles  6th Grade Science Teacher [email protected]
Vanessa Wernette Counselor [email protected]
Sandy West Secretary [email protected]
Heather Wilbur 8th Math Teacher [email protected]
Kathryn Wood 8th Science Teacher k[email protected]
South Bendle Elementary 810-591-0620 Fax 810-591-2520
Melissa Aseltine 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Gaylynne Chaney Music Teacher [email protected]
Janette Cole Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Maegan Dawson Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Patty Degner Speech Therapist [email protected]
Alaina Doherty 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Victoria Haerens Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Terri Hartwell 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Melissa Heckman ECSE Teacher/Special Ed.  [email protected]
Courtney Klagstad Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Heather Laetz 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Danita Tatum-Cocking Science Teacher [email protected] 
Andrea Ringler 2nd Grade Teacher a[email protected]
Kasey Russell Principal [email protected]
Jill Scott 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Marilyn Shaski Secretary [email protected]
Perri Taubitz  Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Michelle Vincent Social Worker [email protected]
Caitlynn Wagner 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Hope Webster Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Emmalie Wittock 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]

West Bendle Elementary 810-591-0880
 Fax 810-591-5799
Lanny Buckner Special Education Teacher
Gaylynne Chaney Music Teacher [email protected]
MaryJo Gallagher Social Worker [email protected]
Samantha Gear 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Lesley Gunther 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Genella Hager Secretary [email protected]
Harry Hill 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Jessica Huffman 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Amy Keefe 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Dana Kozma 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Alison Murray 5th Grade Teacher
[email protected]
Brock Place Principal
[email protected]
Annie Plamondon 5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Andrea Pruett 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Gina Richards  4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Daniel Stinson Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Jamie Trussell Literacy Coach [email protected]
Wendy Walters 5th Grade Teacher [email protected]


Nathan Kohn

Andrew Kunze
Reading Interventionist

Brock Place
English Teacher
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